2008 Super Fun Fly
Anderson, CA
August 29-31, 2008

    The B-25, the B-29 & the B-36 all went to the 2008 Super Fun Fly. Conditions were quite favorable [except for the last day when the wind came on strong] with a good turnout. The B-36 was a crowd pleaser & won the Best of Show trophy. Many visitors remembered the B-36 as one of the aviation stars of the 1955 movie "Strategic Air Command" with James Stewart & June Allyson.


     Not to be out done, the silvery B-29 won the Most Beautiful Plane trophy.

    The winners side by side.

    Trophies were presented to the winners.


    The B-25 put on a brief show of its own.

    For more pictures of the 2008 Super Fun Fly, please visit the RAMAC website.

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