OV-10 Build-up Manual
    Sample Photos with Descriptions
Booms          Chapter 2

NOTE: Remember you are making two booms, so you will make two of everything.
Also, make sure you make a right & left side.
The difference will be the control rods & landing gear mounts.

Pix #1:
Tape plan page #2 to work top. Cover with wax paper.

Pix #3:
Draw a 90 right angle on a piece of paper; place pins on line.

Pix #4:
Place 1/16 ply strips against pins & glue the two pieces with thin CA The photo shows BF3; make 4 of these. Remember we are making two booms.

Pix #6:
Trim off edge on all 4 pieces.

Pix #8:
Trim off remaining over-lapping ply on corners & draw 1/4" x 1/4" notch in corners. NOTE: I used 3/8 x 3/8 only because I have a surplus of the stuff. Also, mark the center line of the formers on the front side rails top & bottom.

Pix #15:
All formers made.
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