OV-10 Build-up Manual
    Sample Photos with Descriptions
Booms          Chapter 2


Pix #22:
Make sure you glue the top of the former to the top rail & keep the center line on the center line of the plan.

Pix #24:
Align BF5 with marks on rails & glue with thin CA keeping BF5 vertical.

Pix #31 Make other boom the same way.

Pix #53:
Lay fuselage frame on fuselage balsa side & align top edge.

Pix #63:
Sand bottom planking even with sides.

Pix #64:
Setting wing rib tang position, place a piece of tape on boom side over pin holes up to BF1. Extend BF1 center line onto tape about 1/8". Clamp piece of wood on BF1 that extends above side of boom.

Pix #67:
Hold straight edge & remove square. Draw a line onto the tape to BF3 approximately.

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