A Twin Boom British 1960's jet fighter
built by de Havilland Aircraft

1- Sea Vixen plan in a control line scale
2- Setting up wing spar alignment
3- Assemble twin DeltaV 15 fans & duct work
4- Making Removable EDF & Lightening the Frame
5- Covering the Fuselage with 1/64" 3 Ply Sheeting
6- Nose Gear & Bottom Hatch
7- Cover Hatch & Mount Nose Gear
8- Make Ply Pattern, 1/64th Ply Cover & Install Bottom Nose Ply
9- Mark Canopy for Cutting and Cut & Fit Canopy
10- Make Wing Section
11- Make Foam Core Wing Section
12- Make Tail Booms
13- Adding Stringers & Test Fitting Booms to Fuselage
14- Cover & Test Fit Booms
15- Bellcrank & Leadout Slot
16- Cover Wing Cores, Install Wingtip & Trailing Edge, Sand Wing Skin
17- Install Landing Gear, Wing Ribs & Wing Skin over Foam Core

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