B-29: Engine Testing & Taxi Trials
Dec. 29, 2005
RAMAC Home Field


  • WINGSPAN: 105 3/4"
  • WEIGHT: 26LBS. 11OZ.
       Aug., 2007 - Reduced Weight by 1 LB. 8 OZ. to 25 LBS. 3 OZ.
       by changing from C to AA battery packs
       & removing some wiring, battery boxes and foam.
  • FUEL: 10% NITRO
  • COVERING: MonoKote Chrome & Flight Metal Aluminum
  • PROPS: 4 Blade, 10X6 Pitch [Replaced with 11x7 APC props]

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    After a string of rainy days, a clear winter's day provided the opportunity for the B-29 Superfortress to make its first outside appearance; all four engines were tested & taxi trials were run on the RAMAC home field.

    All four engines were fired up with the cowls off for easier adjustment; the two outboard 60s ran smooth & steady; the two inboard engines will need a bit more adjusting.


    With the two outboards running, the B-29 taxied out to the runway.

    The B-29 taxied several times up & down the length of the runway showing that it ran fairly true and straight. There was plenty of power with just two engines fired up even with the retractable Fowler flaps fully extended and down.



    Ground view shots of the B-29 on the runway.

    After putting on the cowls, RCBuilder poses with his field tested B-29.

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