For the P61 [Black Widow], I made a model of the linkage for the spoilerons and ailerons to make sure these critical turning elements will work. I made a model of the controls for one side of the wing, put down graph paper on a piece of ply, mounted a servo, an R/C battery pack and receiver. Then made the control rods and used bellcranks for the turn on the aileron and a bellcrank for the turn and reversing of the spoileron. By doing this on graph paper, I can transfer all the mounting and pivot points to the wing drawing and know everything works.
Spoileron and aileron in the neutral (level flight) position. The lower right strip of balsa is the aileron, the piece that comes out of the other balsa strip is the spoileron. The balsa around it simulates the wing surface.
A picture of the spoilerons and ailerons in the up (right turn) position. When the right aileron goes up, the left aileron goes down, the right spoileron is open (extended), the left spoileron is closed and the aircraft turns right.
A picture of the spoilerons in neutral, ailerons in down (left turn) position. On the P61, the aileron goes up with the spoileron but the aileron moves 30 degrees; the spoileron moves about 14 degrees. The linkage for the aileron makes a 105 degree turn; the linkage for the spoileron must turn 105 degrees and reverse direction.
The spoileron goes down even with the top surface of the wing (closed) and the aileron goes to the neutral position; then the spoileron stays in the closed position and the aileron goes to the down position. All this is on one side of the wing, on the other end of the wing they do just the opposite.
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